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“I’ve stopped the universe!

The Armageddon Factor- season 16 - 1979

Oh, Sarah, how could I ever have forgotten you?

Or: The Fourth Doctor finally says a proper goodbye to Sarah Jane.



I’ve really gone and done it this time, I’m afraid.

For obvious reasons.

The manipulation and colouring is all mine. 

This is beautiful; I could swear she was there, and that picture was a screencap.


It’s a lovely thought that this is also Tom Baker congratulating Matt Smith as one of his successors.

A moment for Elisabeth Sladen who missed this amazing moment of Doctor Who with us

Goodnight, Sarah Jane. I’m sorry that you couldn’t be here with us to see 50th anniversary. [x]


Birthday memoriam: Ian Marter, 28 October 1944 - 28 October 1986

Pictured here at his most absolute precious.


The Fourth Doctor in Robot

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